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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Our Core Principles

Cricket Valley Energy Center’s (CVEC) vision is to responsibly and reliably produce electricity for a million homes. Every choice CVEC makes in our operations is informed by four core principles:

  • Safety
  • Ethics
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Community Involvement


CVEC’s highest priority is safety. CVEC operations meet the stringent State and Federal safety regulations for electrical generation facilities. The CVEC Comprehensive Site and Safety Plan coordinates with local law enforcement and fire departments to detail the safety procedures, training and testing that keeps facility staff and our neighbors safe.


CVEC operates with transparency and honesty. CVEC’s employees use ethical standards in all factors of decision-making and operations. CVEC is committed to transparency about annual emissions and natural resource usage.

Environmental Responsibility

CVEC is among the most efficient electricity producers in New York. The CVEC facility contains state-of-the-art technologies that reduce CVEC’s impact on local air quality and nature resources. We support New York State’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act goals to lower emissions in the electric sector and are developing our own transition strategies to reach zero net carbon emissions at CVEC by 2040.

For more information about CVEC’s commitment to Environmental Responsibility, please visit the Sustainability and Reliability page.

Community Involvement

CVEC invests in Dover and Dutchess County. Since its beginning, CVEC has supported a vibrant future in Dover and the surrounding community. Through various initiatives CVEC continues to support educational advancement of children in the Dover school district and support local charities in Dutchess County. CVEC is also committed to professional operations and responsible environmental stewardship for the safety and benefit of all in the local community.

For more information about CVEC’s Community Involvement in action, please visit the Community Benefits page.