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Reducing Carbon Emissions in New York

New York’s Climate and Communities Protection Act (CLCPA) sets ambitious climate goals that will require the electric industry in New York to be CO2 emissions free by 2040. 

Cricket Valley Energy Center (CVEC) intends to help reduce carbon emissions in New York by launching a project to convert CVEC to zero carbon emission green hydrogen. CVEC will work toward this goal by: 

  • Taking progressive steps to prepare CVEC to transition our fuel sources from natural gas to a mix of natural gas and green hydrogen 
  • Moving toward a 100-percent green hydrogen fuel source by 2040 

The H2 Roadmap 

In the first step towards these goals, GE Power and CVEC have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to develop a green hydrogen technology roadmap (H2 Roadmap) and advance a demonstration project at CVEC to reduce carbon emissions.

The initial phase of the H2 Roadmap project, planned to begin in late 2022, will demonstrate the feasibility of converting the natural gas-fueled facility to utilize to green hydrogen, in support of New York State’s nation-leading CLCPA. The project will be initiated in one of three GE gas turbines now operational at CVEC by introducing a blend of 5-percent green hydrogen with natural gas and leveraging GE’s expertise with combustion technology using green hydrogen and low-BTU fuels.

H2 Roadmap Graphic

The H2 Roadmap will serve as a research and development plan for technical changes necessary to increase the percentages of hydrogen utilization at the plant as it becomes more readily available, while adhering to applicable operational guidelines.  

For more information about the project, please see our News section.