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Sustainability and Reliability

Cricket Valley Energy Center (CVEC) is committed to providing sustainable, reliable electricity, both now and into the long-term future. CVEC is currently among the most efficient electricity producers in New York State. As new technologies and best practices become available, CVEC will work to consistently improve the sustainability and reliability of operations. 

Sustainability and Reliability Goals 

  • CVEC supports New York State’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act and its zero emissions by 2040 goal for the electric sector. To meet this goal, CVEC is exploring options to transition CVEC to renewable fuel sources to reach net zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2040.  
  • CVEC has invested and will continue to invest in technologies to reduce impact on local air quality and natural resources.  
  • CVEC encourages local investment in electric transportation and building electrification. 
  • CVEC is transparent about annual emission and natural resource usage.