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Project Overview

Cricket Valley Energy Center (CVEC) is in operation and has provided energy to the New York grid since April 2020.

Environmental responsibility is a core principle of CVEC.  The natural gas-fired facility uses state-of-the art, environmentally responsible combined cycle combustion turbine technology to minimize emissions. This makes CVEC  among the most efficient electricity producers in New York. CVEC also uses a zero-liquid discharge system so that no wastewater is released to the area surrounding the site. Additionally, CVEC uses a stormwater management plan that includes native landscaping and rain gardens  to minimize impacts of rainfall runoff.

Cleaner, More Efficient Energy to Reduce Carbon Emissions

As part of New York State’s effort to strengthen the electric grid across the State, CVEC was required to increase transmission capacity, redundancy, and operational capabilities by funding and installing a transmission line in the existing Con Edison right-of-way between the Town of Dover and the Con Edison substation in the Town of Pleasant Valley. Additionally, CVEC was required to re-conductor a 3.4-mile segment of Line 398 in the same right-of-way, between the CVEC substation and the New York-Connecticut border.