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A traffic study of the cumulative impacts of this project, additional projects (including Dover Knolls) and population growth in Dover, demonstrated that all intersections operate at an acceptable level of service. These findings are discussed in detail in Section 6.2 of the FEIS, available in the Archive section of this website.

CVEC’s Comprehensive Site and Safety Plan (CSSP), developed in cooperation with local Dover fire and emergency officials, details safety procedures, training and, a zero-tolerance policy for non-compliance.

Unannounced safety review visits are conducted by regulating agencies, perimeter fencing and electronically monitored gates are installed, and authorized staff is on site 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

CVEC coordinates safety planning with the Town of Dover’s first responders and Dutchess County officials, along with NYSDOT and OSHA.

Use and Storage of Aqueous Ammonia

Plants like CVEC commonly use two types of ammonia in operation: anhydrous and aqueous. Anhydrous is much less expensive, but aqueous ammonia, a solution of water and ammonia, is safer to transport, store and handle. When the plant begins operations, CVEC will use aqueous ammonia.

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