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Air Quality

Protecting Air Quality

The Cricket Valley Energy Center (CVEC) facility incorporates the latest technology to ensure minimal emissions and preserves local air quality, including Best Available Control Technologies (BACT) and a Lowest Achievable Emissions Rate (LAER).

CVEC assesses air quality impacts regularly to ensure adherence to air quality standards established by federal and State agencies. The team has developed a sophisticated approach to evaluating potential air quality impacts that includes hourly assessments of local air quality obtained from monitoring stations at key locations.

An air quality monitoring station, funded by CVEC and installed at Dover High School, provides an hourly read on air quality. The data is used by Dover High School science classes, and can be accessed by the public. Just click here and sign in using the information below.

Login: [email protected]

Password: CVEC-AQM

Additional information on air quality is provided in the air quality fact sheet, available here.