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DEC Issues SEQR Findings and Major Permits

October 3, 2012

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has issued its Findings Statement, together with major air and wetlands permits, for the Cricket Valley Energy project in Dover, NY.

As Lead Agency through the SEQR process, DEC examined the environmental impacts of the CVE project through its Draft and Final Environmental Impact Statements, as well as a thorough public review period.  DEC’s Findings indicate that project has been designed to avoid, minimize, and mitigate environmental impacts while offering environmental benefits, such as remediation of an abandoned industrial site, and economic benefits, such as jobs, taxes, and substantial local investment.
The SEQR Findings Statement is available for review on the CVE Documents page or here.
In addition to the SEQR Findings, DEC also issued four state permits for the project, including key air and wetlands permits. These permits are a major milestone for the project as it works to obtain final approvals and enter construction within the next year.
Next steps for CVE are to resubmit its Special Permit Application to the Town of Dover and work with local officials to ensure the project is the right fit for Dover.