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Advanced Power Submits Special Permit Application to Town of Dover

November 4, 2009

Advanced Power announced that a special permit application was filed today with the Town of Dover to begin the permitting process required to develop Cricket Valley Energy Center, a state-of-the-art, combined-cycle power plant located at an inactive industrial site off Route 22. Once operational, Cricket Valley Energy Center will be among the most efficient energy producers in New York—and will generate substantial economic benefits for Dover, Dutchess County and New York State.

“My team is excited to formally begin working with the Dover community on our project, said Bob De Meyere, Project Manager for Cricket Valley Center. Our mission is to work together with the people of Dover to create jobs, energy, and economic development with as little impact to the environment as possible.”

The site, currently a portion of the Mid-Hudson Recycling Park, is an apt site for the Cricket Valley Energy Center project. The property utilizes existing energy infrastructure, including electric power lines and a natural gas pipeline, as well as a natural buffer of trees and topography to minimize environmental and visual impacts. The site provides an opportunity to revitalize a dormant property, create jobs, and generate tax revenues for Dover.

This filing with the Town of Dover marks the first step in New York’s State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) process and includes information such as: a site plan outlining the property, its wetlands, existing and proposed grading, and the surrounding community. The SEQR process includes extensive public involvement as part of a robust environmental review to study the potential environmental, social, and economic impacts of the project. The

findings identified during the SEQR process will be integrated into the project’s planning and approval process. Filings for state issued permits with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation are planned for later this fall.

A schedule of formal public information meetings will be released shortly in order to solicit broad public input on the scope of the environmental studies associated with the SEQR process. In addition, Advanced Power will schedule informal sessions with the public to provide additional information about the project. Information about Cricket Valley Energy Center can be found at the project website–

Copies of the filing will be available for the public at Dover Town Hall or by appointment at the Cricket Valley Energy office at 5 Market Street in Dover.