Study Process

An EIS, or Environmental Impact Statement, is a detailed and comprehensive review that closely examines the environmental effects, impacts on human and community resources and economic considerations of proposed actions. Designed to keep the government and public fully informed about factors related to proposed actions, an EIS is prepared in accordance with the New York State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA). An EIS was required for this project.

The EIS submitted by Cricket Valley Energy has been accepted and approved. 

In October 2012, after a rigorous review by New York's Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) during the State Environmental Quality Review, the agency formally approved the project.

To review the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) online, please visit the CVE Documents page.

To review the FEIS in-person, visit the following locations:

  • Town of Dover Town Hall, 126 East Duncan Hill Road, Dover Plains, NY
  • Dover Plains Library, 1797 Route 22, Wingdale, NY
  • Cricket Valley Energy Community Outreach Office, 5 Market Street, Dover Plains, NY   
  • The community is an essential part of the Cricket Valley Energy project, and we welcome your ideas and comments.  From time to time, Cricket Valley Energy will hold Advisory Working Groups where community members meet in small groups with project team experts on specific topics.

    Want to know more? Click here to learn more about opportunities to participate.